RYR 2017Seeks Musical Event Host/Hostesses

Rock Your Rack 2017 is looking for experienced club/venue hosts/hostesses to help us with hosting duties for Musical Events scheduled for the Event. Qualified candidates will have experience greeting guests, interacting with guests in local chat, responding appropriately in private IM to artists and their managers, dealing with unruly visitors in private IM or local chat if necessary, know how to change streams in the land and troubleshoot as needed, and eject persons if issues should arise. It will be required to attend a training session for hosts/hostesses on Sept. 14 at 9am SLT. If you would like to apply and see the lists of dates that need coverage, please click on this Link: Host/Hostess Application for all the details. This will close once all available events are filled.

Registration for Designers, Bloggers & DJ’s Now Closed!

We would like to thank the 54 designers/creators that have registered to be a part of Rock Your Rack 2017! We are thrilled to have you all participating in this year’s event. We hope that everyone will visit the designer page frequently and support the inworld locations for each of these amazing designers who have given of themselves to be a part of this event supporting the work of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We will be updating the designer page over the next few days with links for all 54 designers!

Also, we want to thank all that applied to be bloggers for this event! We have over 40 applications to go through now that registration has closed. Watch the blogger page early next week for announcements on who has been accepted to blog for the event.

Finally, the DJ’s. We had an amazing response to a call for DJ’s not only for the fashion shows, but also for the dance parties following each of the fashion shows. We have over 15 DJ’s participating in this year’s event. Thank you all for stepping up and donating an hour or more of your time to help support the cause.

We are still looking for a fashion show photographer for two of our fashion shows, and also for Live Musicians to fill the weekday evening slots at the event. If you are interested, please see the pages on the right side of this page for links to see how you can register to help with this event.

We also want to welcome our latest Media sponsor – SLTunes.com Radio to the Rock Your Rack Family. We are thrilled to have you all support the event with on-air advertising, and a dedicated show for the event. More information will be released on them very soon!