Just a Few More Days for Registration!

Only Five more days to sign up for Rock Your Rack 2018! We have a few more spots left for creators/designers of all types – men’s, women’s, accessories, home & garden…. will you join the 74 designers that have already registered to be a part of this year’s event? We sure hope so – it’s going to be a Rockin’ great time for sure! Musicians, we still have several spots available for you too! DJ’s and Live Musicians we need you to partner with us as well. Bloggers we need your help to get the word out about the event.

July 31st is the deadline for Content Creators, Designers and Bloggers! So sign up today!

Designer/Creator – CLICK HERE for details

Live Musicians and DJ’s – CLICK HERE for details

Bloggers – CLICK HERE for details

Vote For Rock Your Rack and our Team!

Rock Your Rack is proud to be nominated in several categories for the 2018 Rouge Charity Awards! While we would never specifically ask for you to vote for us – but we would ask that you take a look and vote for those you feel are most deserving of the award in each category. Voting is open through July 24th at Midnight. If you need some help knowing who to vote for – here is a list of those who have been instrumental in getting things accomplished for Rock Your Rack over the past several years! We can certainly say each of these people deserve the awards in their category!

Johnathan Hiess – This DJ/Concert provider has been the amazing person behind the tribute concerts at Rock Your Rack for three years! All in donation of course!

Brad Tylman – This amazing venue builder has built our fantastic concert stages and even comes to each show to run the lighting effects and does so without payment or accolades!

Essy Luv – An amazing hostess, model, volunteer and person behind the scenes doing whatever needs to be done

Lua Vendetta – One of the top bloggers on the grid, amazing designer who always participates, and top model walking to show the designs

BonieFacio – His brand Luxe Dot-Be is always one of the first to register each year, he’s also one that will step in to DJ and model even at the last minute to help out

Adriel Huntress – Her brand Prey was the first to step up this year, and has been participating for several years now. Adriel also models for our team as well.

Models Giving Back – the group of professional models that are not paid one dime to participate and raise funds to help with any charity cause in SL they are asked to help with.

Dazzlers – fantastic dance performers who have partnered with us each year to raise funds for Rock your Rack