Entertainers, Musicians, DJ’s and Musicial Event Hosts/Hostesses Needed!

We are getting ready to finalize the calendar for this year’s event! We still have a few timeslots open for Musicians, Dj’s and other entertainment. If you want to help with this year’s event, then we need to get you scheduled now! We also have a huge need for experienced musical event hosts/hostesses to cover all the events – greeting guests, assisting the musicians as needed, and monitoring local chat/dealing with any unexpected issues that crop up at the event. Training is provided for this task as well. So if you want to help with one of the items we still need to fill – click on the appropriate link below and let’s get you signed up!

Live Musicians – CLICK HERE


Hosts/Hostesses – CLICK HERE

Live Musicians and DJ’s – we still need you!

One of the key pieces of Rock Your Rack is the live entertainment that brings everyone to the sim to explore all of the wonderful things Rock Your Rack has to offer, and hopefully to bring in more sales/donations for our cause. We still have Six timeslots available for either Live Musician or DJ performances.

Sunday, September 30 – 6pm SLt
Sunday, September 30 – 7pm SLT
Saturday, October 6 – 11am SLT
Sunday, October 7 – 3pm SLT
Sunday, October 7 – 6pm SLT
Sunday, October 7 – 7pm SLT

If you are a live musician and or DJ and would like to fill one of those one hour time slots at this year’s event, head on over to the registration link and fill out our google form. Someone from the team will get back to you for confirmation of your slot. Thank you!

Live Musician Registration

DJ Registration

The 2018 Rock Your Rack Blogger Team has been selected!

A strong Blogger team is important to the success of an event, and having bloggers that believe in the cause and will go above and beyond for it are very important!  We feel that these 17 bloggers will do just that for Rock Your Rack 2018.  We have a mixture of bloggers from previous years along with some fresh, new faces that have applied to be a part of the event.  We would like to say congratulations to the following bloggers – and invite you to visit our blogger page where you will find links to their blogs for you to check out!  Bloggers, be on the look out for a blogger acceptance folder inworld along with an invitation to the Rock Your Rack Group.


Aerlinniel Vella
CCoursey resident
Chavonne McAuley
Chelle Hawker
Dan Gericault
Idallia Draconia
Jamee Sandalwood
KhaleesiShinn Resident
LauraGenia Viper
Lua Vendetta
Melinda Bayn
Milla Crumb
QueenBrat Bracken
Petra L. Alexander
SeaSidePurcell Resident
Starr Ghost
Tiffany Parkin