New York Piano Lounge Joins the Event Sponsor List

Rock Your Rack 2019 is pleased to announce the addition of New York Piano Lounge as one of our event sponsors. New York Piano Lounge has provided one of their venues for use as our fashion show venue for this year’s Rock Your Rack event with a few minor revisions to fit the needs of our event. Thank you so much to this fantastic sponsor for helping with the event and allowing us to showcase one of their amazing venues at ours. Please be sure to visit this exciting music venue at their usual location in SL for one of their many themed events. The place is always hopping and you never know which venue will be in play that night!

To visit New York Piano Lounge – click hereclick hereclick here

Offical Blogger Team for 2019 Announced!

Thank you to all who applied to be bloggers for the 2019 Rock Your Rack event. After looking over all of the submissions, we have selected the following people to blog for Rock Your Rack 2019 and we cannot wait to see the amazing posts you produce for the event! Please go to the blogger paid on the right side of this blog for a list of them and the links to their blogs.

Aerlinniel Vella
amy dominica
Ava Jhamin
gloria Gabe
Kammie2 Resident
LauraGenia Viper
Lua Vendetta
Petals Jinx
Petra L. Alexander
QueenBrat Bracken
RƖƇӇƛƦƊ ƊЄ ƓƦƛƬƛƖƝЄ ƧƲƠӇ (richardgratainesuoh)
roxaane Fyanucci
Zenzous resident

Registration Updates for August 1, 2019

What a busy registration season we have had! We have had tremendous interest from everyone wanting to participate in this year’s event! So let’s take a moment to update everyone on where we stand with registrations.

Artist – 2D and 3D and photographers –
Art Show Registration is NOW OPEN – Click Here to Register

Bloggers –
Registration is open through August 4th! – Click Here to Register

Musicians, DJ’s and Entertainment –
Registration is now closed!
Those on the waiting list, if we are able to accommodate you, we will attempt to contact you inworld. If you do not respond within 48 hours we will go to the next person on the list.

Designers and Content Creators –
Registration is now closed!