Registration Closes Today!

Wow! Time sure flies when you least expect it to! Hard to believe we are getting so close to the event, only 2 months away now. Registration Closes TODAY for: designers/creators, Bloggers, Live Musicians, DJ’s and performance groups. So if you were thinking about joining the 63 other designers/creators, 60 musicians and performers, and 12 bloggers – please be sure to get your application in TODAY!
Artists! Your registration is now open and will remain open until August 31st.
Here are all the Links for the registrations:

Designers/Creators Click Here

Live Musicians Click Here

DJ’s Click Here

Bloggers Click Here

Artists Click Here

Just Two Weeks Left For Creator and Entertainer Registration!

We are getting close to the deadline now for Designer/Creator registration, Entertainer Registration and Blogger Registration for Rock Your Rack 2020! Don’t miss out on your chance to help with this terrific cause this year. Click on the appropriate page from the list to the right of this announcement and find the link to register.

Artists! We haven’t forgotten you, don’t worry. Artist registration will open August 1st right here.

Designer/Creator and Entertainer Registrations Close July 31st!

July is already here! We are in the final month of registration for Rock Your Rack 2020 for Designers/Content Creators and Entertainers (Live musicians, DJ’s and performers). Be sure to visit the link below for all the details and to register. Artists don’t worry! Your turn is coming up in August for registration.

Designers/Content Creators Click Here to Register

Live Musicians Click Here to Register

DJ’s Click Here to Register