Official Bloggers for Rock Your Rack 2016

Rock your Rack Logo

After looking through the over 50 blogger applications for Rock Your Rack 2016, we congratulate the following bloggers for being selected as official bloggers for Rock Your Rack 2016. We will be listing their names on the Official Blogger page along with a link to their blog soon. We can’t wait to see your creativity for this year’s event! Welcome aboard!

Jamee Sandalwood
AriannaJasmine Resident
Lua Vendetta
Trinity Aironaut
Dannicka Resident
Starr Ghost
selvaggia keng
marea grau
pequebella resident
LauraGenia Viper
aprilsue resident
Melyna Foxclaw
JadedPanther Resident
karessa Karas
Rosemaery Lorefield
Carmen Hoyes
ccoursey resident
IgorAlmeida BlackBart
Tiviyah Resident
Nina2012nina Resident
roxaane Fyanucci
Morrigan Fang
Steele Sirnah
Chelle Hawker
Phenella Resident
Violette Ravinelli
Erienn Bowenford
Shari Cortes
Novaleigh Freng

Official Seraphim Bloggers for Rock Your Rack 2016
Jordan Whitt
mocha Delicioso

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