Maximillion Kleen and Quartz Bring in the big guns!


Last night was an amazing event at the Rock Your Rack concert stage! Two of SL’s finest live musicians took the stage as solo artists, but then also gave us over 30 minutes of dual stream magic. The sim was packed most of the evening and we had to keep inching up the number of avatars allowed on the sim to keep from crashing the sim, but allowing as many as we could on the sim at a time. And, in true Rockstar fashion, these two performers challenged the crowd to be generous in their donations and when all was said and done we had raised over 19,000 Lindens for the event. That translates to approx. $75.00 USD Way to go everyone! Quartz and Maximillion, your teams and your fans – we give you all a huge Thank You and appreciate your continued support through the years for this event! See you both next year!



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  2. What an amazing event! Thank you to the event coordinators and event hosts as well. We know that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to get these events moving. It was a group effort and the results were spectacular 😀 Thank you!

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