Final Totals for Rock Your Rack 2016 – $2635 USD Donated!


Rock Your Rack 2016 is now officially over! As you can see from above we had a very very successful year! Remember this is the SECOND donation amount for the event. So that $558885L you see above is added to the $187086L we already donated back at the beginning of the event. So grand total lindens raised this year was $745791L – the most we have ever raised in Rock Your Rack event! That translates to $660 USD for the FIRST donation that was already made and $1975 USD for the SECOND donation already in process as you can see below for a grand total of $2635 USD that will be donated to the online portal for the National Breast Cancer Foundation when it is all said and done. As always, the receipt for the second donation will be posted here next week when the funds clear SecondLife into Paypal. Keep watching this space for a special thank you to all involved in the event – coming very soon.

But first we want to mention a few very special partners who helped raise those funds and were not involved specifically in the RYR event Sim –

Club Evolution raised $21,050L for $81.36 USD

Cirque De L’Amour Event raised $48,883L for $188.41 USD

Tango’s raised $76,000L for $292.71 USD in honor of Peggysue Short and her battle with this vicious disease – go Peg! We are with you!



The actual donation receipt will follow in about one week! Stay Tuned!

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