Totals for 2017

We pulled the donations out in two amounts again this year, one after the first week, and then one after closing. So for the final total this year, you have to add the two totals together. So the Grand total to be donated this year is $247,000L . The first one we pulled $175,000L out of that total and left the rest which was re-added into it. So $175,000L from the first pull and then $72,000L from the second one. Because we had just finished the Harvey fundraiser just before Rock Your Rack opened, and had to pull that out to donate, we have maxed our removal tier allowed by LL, and after requesting an increase only to be denied, we will have to wait until the end of October to make the first donation, and then any amount over the tier limit will be made at the end of November. All receipts and transaction records showing the amounts in Lindex will be shown here.

So the Total should be $1000 USD minus all fees to remove the funds from SL and also the paypal fees.

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