Final Totals for 2018!

Thank you to everyone that helped with this year’s event! Designers, Bloggers, Models, DJ’s, Live Musicians, Tribute concert participants, shoppers, artists, Hosts and media Partners! What an amazing year. We raised $540.841L which will be approx. $2000 USD to donate to the charity. Watch this blog for all the documentation showing our process of getting the funds from SL to donate. Mark your Calendars for October 5 – October 19, 2019 which will be Rock Your Rack 2019

Part 1 – selling the Lindens – was done 10/14/2018
We took out our limit with Linden Labs – all but 200L was able to be sold – we will just keep that 200L in our fund to add as others continue to sell items in their stores and add to the fund – they will be removed at the end of the year – otherwise the rest is here as you can see. We will round up the amount to make it $2000 USD.

Part 2 – Removal from SL to Paypal
We are limited to just $999 USD per 30 calendar days. So this will have to be done in two parts – one now as shown here, and one in 30 days from now.

Thank you all! and See you next year!

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