Offical Blogger Team for 2019 Announced!

Thank you to all who applied to be bloggers for the 2019 Rock Your Rack event. After looking over all of the submissions, we have selected the following people to blog for Rock Your Rack 2019 and we cannot wait to see the amazing posts you produce for the event! Please go to the blogger paid on the right side of this blog for a list of them and the links to their blogs.

Aerlinniel Vella
amy dominica
Ava Jhamin
gloria Gabe
Kammie2 Resident
LauraGenia Viper
Lua Vendetta
Petals Jinx
Petra L. Alexander
QueenBrat Bracken
RƖƇӇƛƦƊ ƊЄ ƓƦƛƬƛƖƝЄ ƧƲƠӇ (richardgratainesuoh)
roxaane Fyanucci
Zenzous resident

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