Last Few Spots Still Open for Registration

Rock Your Rack 2021 has been very popular for those that are wanting to be a part of the event! We are down to only a handful of designer booths, about half a dozen Musical performance slots and two more bloggers spots open! So if you were wanting to help with those please be sure to click on the appropriate page on the right side and sign up now!

Other areas where you can participate that just opened for registration are: Artists for our annual Art Show, and event photographers! Both of those will be open for Registration through the end of August or until all available slots are full – which I anticipate will be mid-August. So be sure to click on the page in the right column of this blog to jump to your area and follow the registration instructions!

Hope to have you with us as we ramp up for this year’s event! Join the 55+ Designers, 25+ Artists, 60+ performers, 10 bloggers, and 20 models that are all already registered to make this year’s event a success!

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